Rules for Betting

Rules of Betting

Weather you are betting online or offline there are some betting principals or betting rules which everyone should follow so that one can not go in loss for ever. tjough all the rules are not easy to follow but still one can try to follow that. I my self have lost a lot in betting world becouse of some or other reasons so I know and i can explain it in a better way then any other professional writers. Before stating those golden rules i would like to warn you that betting is not a good habbit and please don’t make it your addiction. Betting is highly injurious to health and heart patients are advised not to bet. Betting is full of risk and you should bet responsibly.

1. Each bet should be of equal amount:
I would advise you to make your stake/bet amount fixed for all the bets you place. Try not to increse the bet amount just becouse you have won or lost. If you go on changing your betting money then there will be more chances of lossing your money. In case you bet with same amount then there will be more chances of recovering your loss easily. But in other hand if you bet with a huge amount and if you losse the money then it will be difficult to recover that loss easily, again if you go on recovering that loss you will have to put more money to recover that loss and if you loose that one also then it will be quite difficult to recovet that loss too.

2. Never put your full amount in a single bet:
Suppose if you are having a budget of 1 Lakhs for betting then divide this 1 lakh in 10 parts so you get 10K for each bet. If you put all your money in your first bet and unfortunately you lost your first bet in your first attempt then you will not get another chance to recover your loss and on the other hand if you divide your total amount in 10 parts and if you loose your first bet then you have another 9 chances to recover that loss.

3. Don’t make it your Addiction:
Never make betting your addiction. If you get addicted then it will create a problem for you and your life. Just treat it as pass time and enjoy it.

4. Bet Responsibly:
Betting is Highly Risk and you should bet responsibly, always remember “Eat your betting money but never bet your eating money“. Your responsiblity to your family comes first and then think of betting. Always play within your limit, never cross your limit. Also if you are a heart patient then its advisable for you not to bet as sometime betting creates thriller, suspense in the game which which results in adverse effect on your health.

5. Treat betting as your business:
If you are betting regularly then treat betting as your business as your bookies does, they run there business and make profit out of it, in the same way you also need to make profit from betting. If you are lossing your money continiously then its better to stop betting as sometime luck never favours in these things.

6. Always try to book your profit both side:
You should never be too much greedy, always try to set your book on both sides so that you can relax. As we know cricket matches are not predictable, it can change at any time. If you predicted that team “A” will win and if you sitting on it without any cutting and at the last moment it may happen that team “B” win. So never stick with one side only, just try making both side profit.

7. Don’t drink and bet:
Never mix drink and bet, if you are drunk and bet then you will loss your money for sure. So always rememebr not to mix alcohal and bet.